The Nation Blue (featuring Adalita) / White Walls / Deep Heat / Bonnie Mercer / Tankerville

July 2nd / The Tote Hotel / 8pm
A whole bunch of Melbourne’s loudest are renovating thursdays for one night only. Coming together to help cover the medical costs of a dearly beloved friend, this line-up would be your saturday night on any other weekend.

Opening the evening will be TANKERVILLE, the brand new project for members of Graveyard Train, Cherrywood and Bodies. Expect shouting and loud. https://www.facebook.com/tankervilleband

One of Australia’s greatest guitarists, BONNIE MERCER is an angel of light who casts feedback to bridge the unconscious world and deals in transcendence. Bonnie’s casual happenings are some of the most stirring and visceral musical experiences available. Not to be missed!https://www.facebook.com/bonniemercermusic

DEEP HEAT are choppy perfection. Jackhammer fast and hooked up at the heart. Spread thin over some of Melbourne’s best bands (Twerps, Infinite Void & Tyrannamen) Deep Heat are reconvening at the apex of genius shit to lay it all bare and actually alter your mood in advance of releasing a new album later in the year.

WHITE WALLS play main support but play main support to no other. It’s all in the name – a perfect summation of what is coming your way. Waves of sound delivered at extreme volume. Immersive music for high upon thinkers. White Walls new double album “Afterthoughts In Limbo” is out June 19th so come witness them at the summit.

Headlining of sorts are THE NATION BLUE who turn 19 years old this November. Damaged in Tasmania and rafted to the mainland, The Nation Blue have pushed their noise inflected downers for longer than most people commit to marriages. For one special night only TNB will be joined onstage by their favourite mainlander ADALITA to perform heavy rites on sacred works.

You’ll probably need an excuse to call in sick on the friday so we recommend the old “my car ran out of petrol and then I attempted to siphon some out of a good Samaritan’s tank and ended up ingesting an ungodly flood and am now suffering heavily from the unleaded stupors”. But to sell the scenario you are going to need to douse yourself a little in the rainbow propellent and then grog up to work for a bit so the non believers can actually witness the magnificence of what is a reasonably unlikely set up. Either way this is a guaranteed out, as you will either be sent away upon sight or will eventually succumb to the fumes and start power hauling fossils. This system has been tested by our employees and proven to be an effective method to clear a friday. Apply sparingly. No assurances regarding subsequent saturdays, sundays, fertility, kidney failure or abdominal immolation are offered.

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