RSH pedal

Rowland S. Howard pedal

Must admit it felt kinda special collecting my new Rowland S. Howard pedal byb Reuss Musical Instruments from the post office up on Fitzroy St in St Kilda. Can’t wait to crank this thing tonight at The Public Bar for the first Breathing Shrine gig in yonks!


For pedal nerds…here’s more about the pedal from the Reuss website:


Rowland S. Howard’s signature sound was very much about his Fender Jaguar hitting a MXR distortion+ and going into a crancked Fender Twin Reverb amp with lots of reverb. Occationally he would kick in his MXR Blue Box, with the distortion pedal still on, for some amazing noise bursts. The two effects blends extremely well, the distortion adding some very interesting overtones to the (otherwise dark sounding) blue box.

For those new to the ‘blue octave down’ effect, it’s a fuzz box which adds an artificial, monophonic, synth-like two-octaves-down tone to your guitar sound. This sound is blended into the fuzz sound using the ‘blend’ control, which goes from pure fuzz to pure monophonic bass synth-tone (on the Reuss pedals, the ‘blend’ control is actually reversed compared to a vintage unit, so that you are dialing in more octave-down content to your sound as you turn it up)

I believe the devil is in the detail, and the key to the great sound of the Reuss RSH pedals (and the ‘Evil Twin’) is the strict use of vintage new old stock semiconductors. The current pedals is made with rare, blue ‘CIT’ brand 1N276 germanium diodes made in 1978 – along with new old stock Panasonic 2SC1849 transistors. Both are the exact same parts as can be found in vintage 70s MXR pedals.


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